Monthly Archives: February 2012

This lovely Ocah Carrier is a wrap conversion made from a Tahoe Exclusive Girasol. With all the Ocah Carrier bells and whistles, it’s a Standard sized Padded Waist Conversion with Duo straps, Adjustable Sleephood, and Leg Padding. We haven’t finalized all the details yet but one of these gorgeous wrap conversions will be raffled off for a special charity soon! I am so in love with how beautiful this turned out!

It’s a beautiful day to celebrate all the love and luck we have in our lives, especially from those special little people who make our worlds turn! In honor of the special day we have lots of new specials! Enjoy the sale and enjoy your family:))

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A little update today! Our pre-order for Tahoe closed at the end of January and they are in line to be woven now! We are expecting to have them in by early to mid-March. As soon as they arrive we will be sending out invoices and shipping notices. So excited for this next batch!

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