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I’m so excited about this ūüôā I love Halloween, it’s definitely one of my favorite holidays. Seeing all the cute little ones all dressed up and the amazing creativity of parents in dressing them! So we decided to run a photo contest on our Facebook page to see what fun ideas our community has come up with for costumes while wearing your babies! I just loved what you all came up with.

Look at this sweet little monkey hanging on to his mama tree!10519508_10154721124280551_1269721615999812741_n

More Monkey!!!

This baby looks delicious!


Loving this cave family with a little dragon hitching a ride


Mama butterfly with a hungry, hungry caterpillar baby. Munch, munch.


Another tasty treat baby with his mama the chef!


Thank you to all that contributing your awesome ideas! Have a happy Halloween.


Hello friends! We’re looking for pictures of babywearing Halloween costumes for our next blog post! Head over to our Facebook page and show us your best babywearing costume ideas and be entered to win a Girasol Tahoe Ring Sling! We’ll be choosing a winner at random on 11/1.

To be entered make sure you Like, Share, and post your pics! Can’t wait to see all of your creative ideas.

My first 2 kids were 21 months apart. I’ll tell you, getting an easily distracted, and often non-cooperative, toddler to the car while carrying a newborn, diaper bag, snack bag and park blanket is an ordeal! These were the moments I first really started wondering how moms do it without babywearing! I also trade babysitting hours with friends sometimes and would often care for 2 one-year-olds. My baby would want to nurse constantly when there were other kids over and my friend’s baby would be missing his mama and need to be held constantly or worn down for their nap. Hello tandem babywearing!


Wearing two at a time is a bit of an advanced skill, and you do need to already be comfortable with back carrying of course. That said, it’s totally worth learning. I know I’m not the only parent to be in these situations!

The trick is to put the baby going on your front on first. Any carrier will do. Once that baby is secured and has their head well supported you can put the other baby or toddler on your back. I recommend a mei tai or soft structured carrier for the back, for the easiest method, but you can use a wrap if you want!

You’ll want to bend over flat like a table, again making sure baby up front has their head and neck supported as you do so and put the other child on your back as normal. Then you’re all good to go!


I don’t recommend this for long hauls as it is a lot of weight, but it is amazingly useful for those times you just really need to contain 2 kids. I found my personal max was 50 pounds before it just got to be too much weight, but you’ll figure out what that is for you.


I did wear three once, mostly to see if I could by using a ring sling on the hip. I thought about doing four, just for a picture, but never got around to it.


Many parents I meet who are interested in learning about babywearing assume they will be done carrying their child when they are able to walk independently. But as their children get older they find that the tool continues to be helpful in new ways.


Wearing an older child can be useful for keeping them safe in crowded places. Ever try pushing a stroller around a crowded farmers market or street fair? How about trying to hold on to a three-year-old’s hand at the zoo? There are so many situations that can be made easier and safer by securely carrying a child in a carrier.

And then there’s the day to day. Children from ages 2 to 5 tend to have very big feelings they don’t yet have the tools to handle. This can manifest as temper tantrums, poor attitudes, and other behaviors that can be very challenging for parents. Often parents see this as a discipline issue and use time outs or other tools to eliminate the behaviors. While that may sometimes be necessary, some parents see an unmet need. Young children get tired out suddenly, they go go go! until they just can’t anymore and they melt down, seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes they need to check in with home base.¬†Babywearing can help an older child settle down. They reconnect with their caregiver, getting the cuddles and attention they need, and the motion of the adult is soothing as well.¬†Babywearing can help an older child settle down, often even falling asleep if they had been resisting a nap before.


If you have a child that wants to “help” and participate in everything you do, you can use babywearing so they can be a part of your daily activities while keeping them safe and somewhat out of the way. I have cooked many meals with a little one on my back. They can see what I’m doing and I can talk to them and interact with them and even let them pour things in a pan or help in small ways. All without being afraid of them touching the stove or being underfoot at the wrong moment.


Whether you’re keeping your child safe and close by in a store or at an event or just trying to keep sane and get your work done babywearing is a tool and skill that stays valuable for many years. All humans need touch and comfort, it doesn’t end when they are walking and talking. Babywearing is one wonderful way to keep your child close and comforted. Luckily, there are many fantastic quality carriers that are safe to use as long as you can comfortably carry your child!

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, dear reader, but here it feels like the summer will never end. I’m looking forward to pumpkin everything, hot coffee, and sweaters! Most of all I’m looking forward to cooler weather for warm, snuggly carriers!

Now I know all summer I’ve been all about linen, but come fall and my love affair with wool starts right back up again! I have had many wool wraps come and stay with us over the years and I have to say it is one of my favorite fabrics for carrying. It is snuggly soft, with a nice bounce on the shoulders that feels almost elastic and takes the pressure points off of my shoulders. I personally find stiff wraps diggy, although many love that firm, rock solid feeling.

So let’s talk wool! Wool is amazing because of it’s give and softness. It has a nice stretch to it but when blended with cotton still gives incredible support for a heavier baby. I used my 20% cashmere blend from birth to four years with my daughter Fiona. We loved it. Not many wraps lasted that long in my house! I’m a bit picky ;).

Wool will add that extra layer of warmth while still being breathable so you don’t have to worry about baby getting too hot.¬†I generally recommend that you dress baby in one less layer than normal when wearing to account for body heat. You of course know best and it will depend on what the weather is like where you live. Wool is awesome for our temperate San Diego winters and will help you bundle up your little one if you live somewhere with real weather lol.

Cashmere, merino, or just plain wool. These wraps are beautiful and comfortable. Wool blends are also absolutely amazing for ring slings! They have enough support to keep mama comfortable with only one layer of support and a soft cushiness on the shoulder that make a one shoulder carry more comfortable for longer! will be offering a special promo code on wool slings starting Monday! Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you get it!

Carl (1)


Air Merino Carl from Ellevill

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