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The often mispronounced Girasol (xi.ɾaˈsol meaning sunflower) has been producing beautiful baby wraps and ring slings for more than 30 years. Their colorways are inspired by the local pallete in Guatemala, where they began.

From traditional patterns to more modern influence Girasol offers colorways to appeal to everyone.

Girasol wraps come in 2 weaves, a standard twill and a diamond weave. The standard is more densely woven and is a big more supportive. The diamond weave is more loosely woven to make it more breathable although it does sacrifice some support. They both will be wonderful choices from infant to toddler, but the standard may be a better choice for an older, heavier child.

These wraps are handwoven and will often have little nubs in the weaving. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your carrier, it is just the personality of a hand-crafted item. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, Girasols are very easy to break in and become buttery soft after only a few washes and wears.

This Earthy Rainbow Diamond Weave is always a favorite.

One of the wonderful things this company does is allow small businesses to create custom designs. Woven Wraps has the beautiful Tahoe with it’s colors inspired by the beautiful trees and waters in the Lake Tahoe region. And now we are so excited to be able to add Windansea to our family of exclusive wraps!

Woven Wraps Exclusive Girasol wraps: Tahoe on the left and Windansea on the right.

No matter what you choose, we just know that you and your baby will love snuggling up in one of these lovely and cuddly wraps!

I am so excited to introduce our newest addition to the Exclusive Girasol family! Windansea is a rainbow of blues and greens inspired by the land, rocks, moss, and sea at one of my favorite beaches in La Jolla, California: Windansea. I think this wrap is perfect for either a girl or boy and for moms who love a natural and pretty rainbow of blues and greens. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! A special thanks to our models who contributed their time in showing off this lovely woven wrap and received their very own Windansea to take home! I hope it provides lots of love and snuggles for years to come!






Babywearing International is an organization that strives to provide consistent education and support to promote safe babywearing around the world. They do so primarily by offering a training program for local group leaders, granting them the Volunteer Babywearing Educator certification (VBE). They provide support and educational materials for community leaders, as well as putting and supporting events such as International Babywearing Week and a biannual Babywearing Conference. that is open to educators, manufacturers, retailers and the public.



BWI offers people the comfort of knowing that the person teaching them has received  training and understands accepted safety guidelines. Many groups have chosen not to join BWI and instead remain independent so they can teach the way they always have, passing down information mother to mother. Others have decided that the support and guidelines of a parent organization are the best way to support their members. Both local groups and those that have chosen BWI affiliation are wonderful resources for you to learn babywearing skills.


BWI’s focuses on spreading awareness and research based information to the public and professionals that work with families. They support The Babywearer, and online message board for babywearers that is an amazing resource! They offer downloadable resources for care providers and babywearing outreach volunteers whether you are affiliated with them or not.


I, for one, am so glad that these amazing people stepped up to fill this need, founding an organization to support those of us that are out in communities teaching. The resources, research, and training they offer is a significant asset to the babywearing community. To find a chapter near you look here!





The New Year is here and I know many of you are thinking about resolutions. Of course one of the most common is to lose weight or get healthier for this year! Those of use that still have some baby (or toddler) weight to lose are probably looking to shed a few pounds and build up our endurance to keep up with our little one’s abundant energy. The biggest challenge parents find is time! How can I get away from my baby long enough to get a workout in? Here are some great ideas and resources for working fitness into your life that involve your baby!

Many gyms and yoga studios offer Mommy and Me classes. If you have a young, immobile baby Mommy and Me Yoga is a great place to start. Not only is yoga a fantastic, gentle exercise to ease back into fitness while your body is recovering from pregnancy and birth, it is wonderful for babies as well. These classes usually incorporate stretches for the parent and infant massage and stretches to help their little bodies unfold.


For those that prefer to work out at home, check out this wonderful circuit workout. This mom has adjusted common strength exercises so that they can be done safely with baby in a carrier. Put your baby in your favorite wrap and get your workout in while snuggling a sleeping, or giggling, baby! Win-win!



There is even a babywearing workout video! Simply called The Babywearing Workout™this was created by a mama who needed a way to get into shape without leaving her baby behind. She put together this short 30 minute workout that can be done anywhere and put it out there so all mamas can benefit.  It’s available for download on her website!


I hope some of these ideas help you have a fantastic and healthy 2015 for you and your little one!


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