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Ellevill wraps are comfortable and ergonomic baby carriers, for newborns to toddlers. Ellevill wrap gives you mobility and freedom, for an active life after the birth of your baby.

Ellevill wraps are designed in Norway and produced in India from high-quality cotton, optimum thickness and thread count, patterns and colors developed by our designer Benedicte Andreassen, the woman behind the Ellevill wrap – these features makes our wraps both comfortable baby carriers and a fashion accessory to look fabulous every day.

The first collection from 2008 included 100% mercerized cotton models in 6 colors. Since then, we have grown to also have merino wool, organic cotton, silk, linen and bamboo wraps in many different patterns.

Norwegian Style: Norwegian traditional knitting pattern

Zara: Inspired by Norwegian knitting pattern and traditional pattern from South America.

Jade: Zara pattern in smaller size.

Paisley: droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Indian and Persian origin, similar to half of the Yin yang symbol. The pattern is sometimes called “Persian pickles” by American traditionalists, especially quilt-makers as far back as 1888.

Air Merino: Our new hybrid wrap, woven and elastic, with the beautiful Jade pattern.

Ellevill wrap Key Features

A unique, jacquard-weave
fabric of optimum thickness and thread count, specially designed for carrying children. Makes the
wrap two sided.
Norwegian design – all models and colors are developed by Ellevill design.
Made from high-quality mercerized cotton and other 100 % natural materials.
New colours, designs and fabrics minimum twice a year.
Softness straight from the bag – gentle enough to cushion a newborn, but made from a specially designed embossed fabric to ensure full support for heavier children.
Perfect ‘breathability’ for full comfort through summer.
Ellevill wrap is made from a unique, jacquard-weave fabric of optimum comfort.

Its final features combine:

– Medium-thickness with a perfect ‘breathability’ for full comfort right through summer;

– thread and weave to provide that the wrap is proper grippy and have full support for heavier children. The Ellevill wrap is soft straight from the beginning.

Ellevill wrap has a form of parallelogram, with tails 50cm long. The wrap size is measured by one side and includes one tail.

Middle marks (with size) are placed on the rail. Rails and tails are very carefully sewn.

The factory

Only high-quality weaving yarns (cotton and other naturalmaterials) Indian origin is used in the production. All yarns used in Ellevill Slings are produced from the purest and best refined raw materials.

Ellevill wraps are carefully inspected at special equipment for any weaving flaws and damages, before they are shipped to us in Norway.

Ellevill AS is owned by Ellevill Holding AS

Benedicte S. Andreassen
Founder, designer and owner

…mother of three boys. Born and raised in Norway where she designs everything from idea to new product.

All products are a result of fair trade and environmentally friendly production.
The products are designed to be beautiful, comfortable and practical.

The first Norwegian woven wrap was presented in May 2008. Ellevill wraps have managed to establish its name in over 30 countries worldwide.
The success is due primarily to comfort and quality, but the pattern and colors are well established.

“- The most important thing for us, is to offer products that have high quality and comfort, but that is also beautiful.”

Our slogan is -“Carry with pride!”


The story of the DIDYMOS – baby sling started in 1971 with our twins Lisa and Tina (twin = ancient Greek didymos):

Once, when crying from the nursery was an unmistakable signal for: “Mummy, I have woken up!”, but a mountain of unfinished housework could not be put off any longer, I finally decided to tie the little crybaby around myself just as women in other parts of our planet had done for centuries. Before then I had been fascinated by reports from distant countries where women pursued their daily work in a most uncomplicated way while intimately attached to their children. I owned a carrying cloth from Central America; but it seemed too exotic at first and that is why I had hidden it in the chest of drawers.

But now the time had come: I tried for a while until I found the right method and walked through our village where we had moved a few weeks before the birth of our twins. Very soon we were the talk of the village and not all the comments were positive. But the twins convinced me. They started smiling as soon as they saw the cloth, and I also enjoyed the physical contact, once with Lisa, then with Tina, just like a prolonged pregnancy. It also had other advantages: My work did not have to be squeezed into the short moments when they were asleep, I could manage the household again and became more relaxed, knowing that the two little ones received as much warmth and physical contact as their brother and sister had when they were babies and I carried them around on my arm.
The carrying cloth would probably have become a nice memento of the our twins’ early years, but when the “Heilbronner Stimme” and “Stern” magazine published articles about us, parents all over Germany wanted carrying cloths from me, and I only had one myself…
How I founded the baby-sling company in a small village, with four children and living in a half-finished house is another story. However this much is true, I could not have done it without the baby sling.

Best wishes for you and your family,Erika Hoffmann

Brief history

Didymos was founded in 1972 by Erika Hoffman, a mother of four, who started using a sling  when she found she had her hands full with twin daughters. The word ‘didymos’ means ‘twins’ in Ancient Greek. In Germany, at that time was a real novelty, and after being featured in a couple of German magazines, The mothers everywhere were asking about her sling, Erika decided to start her own business at this time. She chose to weave in Germany, rather than import her slings, as she wanted fabric that would provide the right level of elasticity and support and that would retain these qualities even with frequent washing.

Didymos baby carriers have always been free of chemicals and safe enough for a baby to chew on. In order to maintain a rigorous and continuous quality control, no part of the production is outsourced to low-wage countries.

Fibers used are: Cotton, linen, hemp, silk, tussah silk, wool, alpaca, cashmere, ramie and kapok.


Baby wearing for a premature baby.

• Once Doctor gives the ok for parents to hold baby and use of wrap,
start it as soon as possible
• Be extra careful to always have your baby’s face visible at all times.
• Use same wrap that you use in hospital that you use at home
• Wear baby high and off center, head on wrappers shoulder
• Hold baby’s head to maintain contact with premature baby


• Baby is enticed to feed more which encourages weight gain
• Mom’s warmth maintains baby’s temperature
• Moms breathing stimulates baby’s breathing, so fewer cases of apnea
• Soothing/calming for baby to be close to mom
• Encourages mom’s milk supply to have baby close
• Mom gets fine tuned to baby’s needs earlier
• Reduces overstimulation for baby


Inspiration for Mom


Parenting can be daunting sometimes. It can be frustrating and exhausting.

However remember it is a privilege and an opportunity to be a mom.

A journey if you will…

The Journey into motherhood can be seen as a self discovery, to be pushed to your limits, thinking you cant do it one more day and those days where you just want to get in your car and drive somewhere and not come back.

However you find what you are made of..

You can see your full potential and to see the magnificent bird or butterfly that you are.

Find the joy, find the peace and the struggle becomes the privilege.

The opportunity to pass on your strengths to your little one and know that really you have passed on a pearl in your child’s life and it will be passed on again and again.

Enjoy the moments of being a mom; the days go fast and in a blink of an eye they are grown and moving on with their own lives.

Stay connected and most importantly…. Love always


By Nancee Kerr


The author is the Office Manger at Woven Wraps. She is a mother of four grown children. She has been a Midwife Assistant and Doula for over 25 years.



 Germany’s Favorite Wrap

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The perfect baby carrier for parent and baby. Perfectly individually adjustable, supports weight of baby evenly for hours of baby wearing. Is “popable” as the baby can easily be taken out and placed back in it literally in seconds. Great for EC (Elimination communication or natural infant hygiene)or diaper free babies. Certified free from chemicals, a worry free solution for every parent and baby.

Storchenwiege baby slings allow you to keep your active life. Baby just comes along but no need to slow down. Baby will love flying business class rather than economy, all day, every




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