Tahoe + Ocah :: The raffle starts TODAY!!!



About Make A Wish Foundation:

Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. From its humble beginning, the Foundation now grants a wish every 40 minutes – making a life-changing impact on not only wish kids, but also families, friends, donors, sponsors and sometimes even entire communities. For more information visit http://www.wish.org/.

“We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.”

About These Ocah Carriers:

Both Ocah Wrap Conversion Mei Tai’s are custom made from Tahoe Exclusive Girasol’s. They feature:

  • Padded waist conversion
  • Duo straps
  • Adjustable Sleephood
  • Leg padding

Website: www.ocah.co.uk

Blog: www.ocah.typepad.com

Tahoe + Ocah :: A Beautiful Combination

This lovely Ocah Carrier is a wrap conversion made from a Tahoe Exclusive Girasol. With all the Ocah Carrier bells and whistles, it’s a Standard sized Padded Waist Conversion with Duo straps, Adjustable Sleephood, and Leg Padding. We haven’t finalized all the details yet but one of these gorgeous wrap conversions will be raffled off for a special charity soon! I am so in love with how beautiful this turned out!

Exclusive Girasol Tahoe is being Woven!

Editor note: The following article was published on the site when we sold products directly. It is here for historical purposes. These wraps are no longer sold.

A little update today! Our pre-order for Tahoe closed at the end of January and they are in line to be woven now! We are expecting to have them in by early to mid-March. As soon as they arrive we will be sending out invoices and shipping notices. So excited for this next batch!


Wrap Spotlight :: Girasol

One of my very favorite brands of woven wraps, Girasol. When I first discovered baby wearing, I swore that I would never like another brand as much as them. The color ways are amazing. Girasol allows each shop to design and have their favorite color combinations woven into exclusive designs that are only carried in that particular store.

There are hundreds of different gorgeous exclusives out there, but today I want to write a little about the designs that Girasol does, in particular, the Ikat pattern wraps. These Ikat wraps are amazing and I am so surprised that with the current popularity of this design in fashion, I haven’t seen more around. I can only conclude that people just haven’t seen them and don’t know how awesome they are?? The tribal print trend is so cute and chic, something about the ikat print makes it perfect for accessories…. what better way to make a baby carrier stylish? It’s been on a few runways recently, including as Dries Van Noten, Gucci, Marc, Balenciaga, Cynthia Vincent’s accessories collection, as well as more down to earth brands like Gap’s Summer 2012 line. So if you are like me and used to love purses as much as you love baby carriers now…. check out the ikat designs below.

Here’s Mayan Solara

Mayan Blue Ikat….I think my favorite:)

And Mayan Red Ikat