Summer Wrapping???

What about all that fabric? Aren’t you hot?! As the weather heats up, we’re all looking for comfortable ways to carry our babies without melting. I had 4 summer babies, including 2 in June, that needed to be worn all through the hot months. I live in San Diego where the summer extends into October most years! And yes, I still used a wrap.

Mei Tais and Soft Structured carriers can be excellent summer carriers. There isn’t much fabric on the adult’s body and the open sides allow airflow for your child. Some even have a mesh panel for more breathability.


Ring Slings can also be very comfortable in the summer. Since only one layer of fabric goes over both you and your baby you should feel nice and cool. Choose cotton or a linen blend for the coolest option or even one of these amazing water mesh slings. These are quick to dry and easy to clean, and are made of a sport mesh fabric that breathes very well while still protecting from the sun. Bonus: the tail can be pulled up over baby’s head a bit to keep the sun off her sensitive skin.


But I love wrapping! Especially with squishy little newborns, I love the way they feel all snuggled in on my chest. Yes, I do get a bit sweaty where their little cheeks rest on my bare skin, but hey it IS summer. And yes, there are several possibilities when you want the versatility and comfort of a wrap, even when it’s 100 degrees outside.

The first thing to consider is fabric. A thin breathable cotton wrap or a light linen blend like a Ellevell Zara or Deli, or a Didymos waves can be very breathable. Gauze wraps are wonderful in the summer as well. You can make your own with 5 yards of crinkle cotton gauze from any fabric store cut length-wise. You actually get 2 wraps out of it, so share with a friend!

The tying method also makes a difference. Three layer carries can be very warm. You can adjust some carries very slightly to make them more comfortable. Moving the top two layers to the sides of the baby in a standard front wrap cross carry can provide almost the same support with only one layer on the baby.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 8.03.54 AM

For an older baby, the rucksack carry on the back is also wonderful for summer. At any age, its reverse, the kangaroo carry, is a wonderful choice.


You can see detailed instructions for these carries here. 

Another fun trick is to place a cool towel between you and your child! This can add just a little bit of extra comfort on the warmest days. Relax, have some fun, and try out a few of these tips. With a little playing around I’m sure you’ll find a comfortable way to keep your baby close and connected even through the hot months.

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