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Daddy Bonding for Newborns into Childhood

Posted by Tiffany Klein on

You've heard that bonding at this stage in a child's development is important and it really is true. Babies have been used to being carried close for 9 months and now they are becoming acquainted with a blurry, big world outside of the womb. As new parents, you have the unique opportunity to recreate that calm, peaceful environment they grew used to by keeping them close. Baby wearing wraps are the number one product to promote that sweet, loving contact. 

For dads, this opportunity for connection is just as real as it is for mothers. Fathers are the safeguard, the protector of the home, starting from day one with a newborn. There is simply no shame whatsoever in fathers caring enough to create an affectionate bond with their child in baby wearing. Newborns can easily familiarize themselves with their father, all while feeling safe, secure, and comforted. Older babies and children can continue to strengthen that bond with the one who they have learned will keep them protected. The level of comfort and security established through baby wearing is truly unmatched. 

If dad is still not convinced on trying out the baby wraps, nervous about the attention it may bring, let them know- we get it. Bright colors are just not his thing. We've got his back with basic, neutral tones in our wraps and slings for him to feel comfortable wearing anywhere so that sweet little one can feel the closeness of daddy while out and about.

And as a bonus- dad often gets major "points" with mom who adores witnessing that beautiful site. After all, what could make your heart melt more than seeing that big, teddy bear dad tenderly holding that little babe close?

I have no answer either. It simply is the best.

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Why Babies Calm When Held and Rocked

Posted by Tiffany Klein on

Does your baby seem to just want to be endlessly held and walked around? It can be exhausting feeling like you can't catch a break. Know that you are not alone, it's actually in our babies' makeup. Researchers have found that babies calm when being held and rocked because it is merely instinctual for them. The feeling of the sway combined with the mother's heartbeat close is something that soothes them in a natural, comforting way. 

"Infants under 6 months of age carried by a walking mother immediately stopped voluntary movement and crying and exhibited a rapid heart rate decrease, compared with holding by a sitting mother," a study in Current Biology says. Even mice were found to have a calming response to being carried by the mother. 

So on the harder days when baby insists on being held and walked around, throw on a carrier to help bring the support both you and baby need. And know your nurturing way of soothing your baby brings both of you closer to one another, building confidence and trust in the bond you are creating naturally and beautifully. 

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