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About Us


My name is Christine. My husband John and I are the owners of We are also the parents of 3 children. When our children were babies, we were the kind of parents that felt bonding with our babies was such precious time. We held them close! To be honest, it was very hard to put them down. I, especially, found myself with a baby attached to me in one form or another most of the time. I have no regrets on the time spent doing this. I feel it is critical in developing a bond with your child. The security and comfort that comes from the physical closeness communicates volumes to a child.

The challenges of busy lives and activities often require that you have your hands free. While it is not always convenient to have a stroller, or certainly to hold the weight of an infant carrier, we find these wraps to be more than ideal. Not to mention the benefits of the bonding that the wraps provide.

In addition, to the function of the wraps, the beauty in the fabrics makes them so fun to wear. There are multiple ways they can be worn as well to accommodate your activity and the babies size. We hope that you will also enjoy shopping at We love to hear any feedback regarding the products, products you wish we carried, website experience or any other information!

Thanks for your support and Happy Babywearing!

Christine and John Koontz