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Rio Ring sling, Chocolate Linen
Rio Ring sling, Chocolate Linen

Comfy Joey Rio Chocolate-Brown Linen Ring Sling

Your cutie will be a hit with the friendly Cariocas while riding at eye-level in this easygoing, but sturdy, sling of rich Chocolate-Brown. Whether youre taking in the lights of the city, climbing Corcovado, or sipping fresh juice at Ipanema; Rio will let in every marvelous sea breeze, with silver SlingRings adding the perfect glimmer.

Our 100% linen fabric, airy and supportive, though a bit stiff at first, will soften with wash and use. Linen slings are good for newborns or toddlers, and excellent for summer heat.

Care: If your Rio gets a little sweaty during Carnival, just wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle and air dry.
Shoulder: Original CJ-HybridTM Shoulder

Care: Cold Wash/Air Dry

Fabric: A Single-Layer of 100% Linen

Rings: Medium Silver SlingRings

Use: Birth to 30 pounds

**To maximize user comfort given the supportiveness of this fabric, we recommend using these slings from birth to 30 pounds, although they can be used safely with babies of up to 35 pounds.**