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Ellevill Zara Gray (He) Silk Woven Wrap

A beautiful and delicate wrap in gray silk/cotton mix, 50% silk and 50% cotton. The wrap portion is 100% cotton and weft portion is 100% pure silk. It is thin, soft and durable. Because of this, it is also very airy and flexible. The silk wrap from Ellevill have the same characteristic pattern as Ellevill Zara. They are one-colored and have therefore little contrast in the pattern. The rails are hemmed. A perfect wrap for those who want extra luxury. Give perfect support to your child, both small and toddler, optimal comfort and gives no pressure spots for either child or adult.

Ellevill wraps are designed by Ellevill and machine woven in India.
Ellevill is easy to tie on because of the lopsided ends and leaves an incredibly small knot.