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Overcoming the Fear of Taking Newborn Baby Outside

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From the very start with baby, between recovering and navigating life with a newborn, we learn to get that much desired rest whenever possible. We feed, feed, feed and rest, rest, rest (whenever baby does, that is). It becomes engrained in us until we find ourselves months later so stuck in the rhythm and routine of being home that we forget even what fresh crisp air even feels like. If this is you, reach out to a mama near you and if no one is available to meet up, simply muster up the strength you have internally and create a plan of attack (for going outside!) Sure, it may take some extra effort to get out of your pajamas and get baby dressed with a few other necessities, but don't make it a bigger deal than it is. Dress as the weather permits, throw on that wrap, and go for a simple walk up the street or to the nearest park (not to a shopping mall or store- just anywhere outside).

Getting outdoors is so good for both you and baby. If Vitamin D isn't enough of a reason (which it should be), then be motivated by knowing it just feels good to get out of the house. Just do it once and hold onto that feeling enough to get you do to it again. Because I promise you, you won't regret it (even if baby does have a first major blowout in public- it will make for a great story later; everyone needs a solid blowout story!)

I know taking that first step is hard, so take this as your motivational speech: YOU CAN DO IT. It may not be on your agenda today (after all, who is going to do all that laundry??) but squeeze in some time right after a nap, or even during a nap since baby wearing gives the freedom for this. Hold that baby close and stay cozy, all wrapped up together- combined with fresh air from the outdoors and I'm betting both of you will get even better sleep tonight. Now doesn't that sound worth it to you? 

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