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Miel et Malice Natural
Miel et Malice Natural
Miel et Malice Natural

Colimacon et Cie Organic Unbleached Baby Carrier

These are the newer weave from Colimacon et Cie, and are thinner with fabulous support and softness! Made from 100% organic cotton. A strong, supportive double twill weave. Tinted and manufactured in France and Grenoble.

  • Great for newborns and toddlers!
  • Incredibly soft right off the loom.
  • Width of wrap approximately 70 cm.
  • Miel et Malice + included hems of opposite edges of different colors to make differentiating edges while tying easier.
  • Safe, flexible and comfortable for your child from 0 to 3 years (maximum weight: 18 kg/40 pounds).
  • Includes fabulous step by step instructions and pictures for various carry positions (front, back and on the hip).


  • Suggested to wash in water no warmer than 40 Celsius/104 Fahrenheit.
  • Highly suggested to hang dry.
  • Ironing is not suggested.
  • However, occasional dryer use or ironing is possible.

Safety Testing for Colimacon & Cie products:

  • The colors used are in accordance with the Ecolabel ko-Tex Standard 100.
  • They do not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde.
  • They do not use dye called \\\"azo\\\" (carcinogenic dye banned in Europe but still widely used in India, China ...) or colors listed as allergens.
  • They have been tested and validated testing laboratory approved on the basis of the standard NF EN 13209-2 (flexible carrier children).

All sizes available with an additional $10.00 charge for size 7 and 8. Email us if you need this size.