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Ellevill Paisley Ink Woven Wrap

Ellevill Paisley Ink is a two colored in blue and grey. This wrap is made with 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. Feels supersoft on your baby's skin. The paisley pattern is a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Indian and Persian origin, similar to half of the yin yang symbol. The pattern is sometimes called "Persian pickles" by American traditionalists, especially quiltmakersas far back as 1888.
In Sanskrit the design is known as mankolam and has long been used in India. It resembles a mango and has sometimes been associated with Hinduism.
Some design scholars call the distinctive shape boteh and believe it is the convergence of a stylized floral spray and a cypress tree: a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity.

The modern French words for paisley are boteh and palme, the latter being a reference to the palm tree, which, along with the pine and the cypress, is one of the traditional botanical motifs thought to have influenced the shape of the paisley element as we now know it.

In Pakistan, paisley designs are widely termed the carrey design. Carrey in Urdu means mango seed.

Ellevill wraps are designed by Ellevill and machine woven in India. Give perfect support to your child, both small and toddler, optimal comfort and gives no pressure spots for either child or adult.

Ellevill is easy to tie on because of the lopsided ends,and leaves an incredibly small knot.

Wash in warm water.
Iron after wash to stretch fibers.