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Storchenwiege Leo Gray Woven Wrap

Storchenwiege Leo Gray Woven Wrap

The small diamond weave of this wrap makes a beautiful pattern in gray that can go with any outfit. This is a go-to wrap that can be easily dressed up or down.

Why Choose a Storchenwiege? The founder and fabric developer is a textile engineer, a father, and grandfather. He developed the sling especially to support baby's back properly, to be comfortable for long periods of time, and to be durable (even for carrying an older child).

    • Cotton is from strictly regulated farms, all Oeko Text 100 certified cotton, free from chemicals or residue in the fabric.
    • The weave differs from all other slings in strength. In both directions (warp & woof) of the cross weave, Storchenwiege uses a double strength, not simple thread. This helps support baby's back, the correct leg positions, baby wearer's shoulders and back. It also helps the durability and holds the tied knot better, as it doesn't give after the baby is placed in it. This special weave does not influence the elasticity necessary to embrace your baby. Neither does it influence the airflow through the woven fabric.
    • The fabric is pre-washed and preshrunk, ensuring minimal shrinkage. Keeps new look after many washes and years of use.
    • No chemicals are used in any procedures
    • Being manufactured in Sachsen, Germany under strict environmental regulations, Storchenwiege wraps have the highest quality possible.
    • Includes a double hemline for durability and the correct embracing of your baby's back and leg position. They also have tapered ends to ensure easy tying, forming a parallelogram.
    • Standard in-stock items are in size 4.6. As long as it is available to us, we will do our best to get you any size sling you need. 
    • Wraps generally ship out within 3-10 days from date of order. Detailed wrap instructions included.