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Babywearing and Breastfeeding

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Every family will choose the best way to feed their baby for their family. For some breastfeeding isn’t an option, for a variety of personal reasons. But most mamas start out desiring to breastfeed. Babywearing is such an amazing tool to help you be successful that it is even taught as something to recommend in lactation educator and consultant programs.

Babies who are kept close to their mothers and the breast feed better. Mothers are nearby to respond to their cues faster and babies don’t have to work as hard to get their attention. This keeps them happier and calmer. When baby starts rooting around looking for the breast you will notice immediately, rather than waiting for them to fuss or cry.

Babies who are close enough to smell the milk will feed more often. The most common reason I hear women say they were not successful at breastfeeding is they didn’t believe they were making enough milk and baby needed more. Milk production is stimulated by the number of times baby nurses in a day. The more often baby nurses, the more milk you will make. When a baby is close to the milk source they will nurse more frequently. This will increase your production and help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

Many mothers are uncomfortable nursing in public. Nursing in a carrier can help overcome this obstacle. Baby snuggled into a ring sling or a wrap and nursing away with the tail of the sling covering your breast is very discrete and comfortable for baby! Nursing in a carrier also allows you to get up and get going while your baby nurses. Some of us can’t stop and sit down every time baby wants to eat! Being able to nurse while you shop in a store, work on the computer, or eat a meal can be a sanity saver for all of us!

For babies with reflux nursing in the tummy to tummy position can really help. The same goes for mamas with overactive letdown. Nursing upright allows baby to control the flow by popping on and off more frequently. Instead of the milk just pouring down their throats, they can pull off and get a break and pop back on. At first this may seem like they are not feeding as well but it’s actually to their benefit!  Being in an upright position during and after feeding will stimulate digestion and help keep baby warm and comfortable which aids in reducing spit ups and discomfort from reflux issues.

However you choose to feed your baby, babywearing will help with bonding and digestion. It can really go the extra mile to helping you be more successfull in reaching your breastfeeding goals. Babywearing and breastfeeding is a perfect match.

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