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Babywearing gives back.

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I think I came to babywearing a little bit late. At least late for me, since I needed to learn how to do this in the hospital! Seriously. There should be babywearing mamas marching around the hospital teaching new moms how to wrap up that newborn before they even get home! Let’s just say that my first son (who I love dearly!) was a handful. I think some people call it “high needs”. My husband called it many things….. “birth control” and “daddy’s little burden” among the top few;) But we got through it! I was lucky enough to learn to wrap (first with a ringsling and then with a woven wrap or simple piece of cloth) by attending a local babywearing meeting when Ben was 5 months old. Learning to wrap has to be one of the top things I have learned to do for my baby. It’s right up there with EC (elimination communication) and breastfeeding! That warm, snuggly feeling of having a sweet, happy, content, sleeping, cooing, (you get the picture!) baby on your chest next to your heart is absolutely melting.

So needless to say, wrapping and babywearing in general has given me a lot back. Lot’s of memories, lots of love, and also lots of camaraderie with fellow babywearing mamas. Now, with the start of this blog, The Willow Tree, and also the beginning of (the woven wrap store) and Carrier Classifieds (the used carrier marketplace) I hope to give a little back too. My purpose here is to spread the babywearing love. To let mamas know that they have great options to keep their hands free. To educate on the right ergonomic way for a baby to be carried so he/she does not have to dangle from their crotch or lie flat and alone in a stroller. I want to bring this art into the mainstream so mamas all over can enjoy this amazing feeling of attachment and bonding with their little ones. And also so they can just have both hands to make a sandwich again!

There is one more thing that I would like to give back. This blog, and the logo design is inspired by my own mom. She was wonderful, amazing, loving, and my best friend. I only hope to have such a close relationship with my babies. My mom, the original Willow, passed away a few years ago from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) before ever meeting her grandchildren. As a lifelong inspiration to me, and specifically to this venture, I am donating a part of the store’s proceeds to the COPD Foundation. It feels right to give something back to research for a cure for this debilitating disease. A way to give back to my own mama, while hopefully giving to lots of new mamas too.




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