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Brands We Carry: Ellevill

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Woven Wraps is very exited to be starting a series of articles about the brands we carry – first up, Ellevill! 

As the US distributor for Ellevill, we are thrilled to share more details about this wonderful company and their gorgeous line of unique wraps with you.  🙂

Keeping your baby close while still participating in activities helps to create a long-lasting connection between you and your child.  Wrapping your baby in a woven wrap offers an immense amount of versatility.  Coupled together with a wrap from Ellevill, carrying your baby is both functional and beautiful.  Spreading happiness and building connections in those first very important bonding years are a crucial part of raising a happy and healthy child.  Wrap your baby with Ellevill wraps and carry with pride.  🙂

Paisley Liberty in Bamboo and Linen:

A stunning combination of class and style.

Zara Sun in Organic Cotton:  A bright spring release back by popular demand.

Zara Blossom in purple and blue:

A distinctive combination that appeals to the senses.




The Most Beautiful in the World.

These are the types of phrases babywearers use to describe Ellevill’s wraps and the photographs that go with them are equally as gorgeous.

About Ellevill 


Ellevill is owned and operated by Benedicte Andreassen in Norway.  She started by sewing mei tai’s in 2007 …”and when I could not deliver to the high demand, I tried to focus on what I could do to give the market my products called Ellevill, that means hillarious. I found out that there was not another Norwegian or Scandinavian company that made wraps and I decided to be the first. I contacted an Indian factory and got samples. In May 2008, the first wraps arrived and sold out very fast and from there it has just grown, very fast. In 2010 I decided to go from a registered “oneman” company to the registered stock company, Ellevill AS.”

Benedicte does everything herself, from designing new fabrics/colorways, web design, packing, shipping and customer service – she is a one woman army with a wonderful dream that we are so thankful she has shared with us all!

Benedicte, the Queen of Ellevill.

Much work, much guts and much love for wrapping and baby products helped me to get where I am today.  And Ellevill is still growing,  fast.  (I like to say we, because it is me and Ellevill!).  I always try to be best at what I believe I can be – design, colors, patterns and quality.  The market is harder today, because of all the new brands that have “popped up” in the last couple of years, but I try to focus on my products and what makes Ellevill the best wraps.”  …and, it shows!   Thank you, thank you, Benedicte!!




Ellevill’s tag line is “Carry With Pride.”   

Some popular wraps that Ellevill produces are Zara and its grippier cousin Jade as well as wool options like Norwegian style and the lightweight, strong and stretchy Air Merino.  All these wraps have Ellevill’s signature tapered ends which make for tying a small knot and beautiful draping.

With cotton, organic cotton, cotton/linen blends, bamboo/linen blends, bamboo silk blends, silk/cotton blends, wool and wool blends, Ellevill has a wrap for every baby wearer everywhere, keeping comfort and style in mind.


Wrap Release Dates 

Summer 2008: Zara Peach, Zara Sunset, Zara Red and Zara Raccoon.
Fall 2008: Moss, Red, Forest, Nature and Curry.
Spring 2009: Jade in Mauve and Yonder, Zara in Chocco, Infinity, Lemongrass, Lavender and Deli.
Summer 2009, Zara Aubergin and Zara Niike, Jade Mild, Deli LE and Royal.
Fall 2009: Zara Lavender, Infinity, Curry, Forest, Natur, Candy, Ocean, Terracotta, Lemongrass, Fresh, Original, Chocco, Purple.
Summer 2009: Silk Caelum He and She and Karma Delight.
Spring 2010: Tri colors Pink, Purple, Yellow and Green, Zara Caffe, Leaf, Black, Blueberry, Sun, Blue, Mild, Deli LE, Deli, White, Pearl LE and Jades Plum and Brown.
Summer 2010: Zara TriCoral
Winter 2010: Tri Blue and Brown, Paisley Bamboo and Karma Dawn, Teal and Blue.
Spring 2011: Zara Velvet
Summer 2011: Zara Tri-Sugar, Zara Blossom, Paisley Grasshopper and Earth
Fall 2011: Zara Silk in Blue and Nostalgia (Pink), Chocco (new), Paisley Smaragd and Ink, Zaras Sand, Ash, Tri Sandstorm and Spice, Karma Lavender and
Spring 2012: Jade Chili with Linen, Zara with Linen Bluez, Storm, Green, and Cloud, Linen Paisley Linger, Liberty, Ink, Java Silverpink and Ink, Silk Paisley Linger, Zara Green Silk
Spring 2013: 25th Anniversary wraps Anne in Greens, Bay, Pink, Plum, Inka, and Gray, Mai in Soft, Camel, Aqua, Yellow, and Green.
Spring 2014: Gaia Rainbow




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