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Getting Through the Holidays with Babywearing

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Thanksgiving is coming up quick and it feels like the winter holidays are sneaking up fast. For many parents, the holiday season is a whirlwind of events, parties and family get-togethers. Along with the joy of baking cookies and pies and visiting relatives comes the stress, especially when you have a baby in tow! Here are some of my tips for enjoying your baby and taking care of your responsibilities and time with loved ones!


Helping my big kids decorate a Yule Log


When visiting family you may not see very often they usually want to play pass the baby. Some mamas welcome this break and love to let every uncle, grandma, and cousin have a turn loving on their little one. For others it can be very stressful. Some parents worry about all those germs, and some babies get overwhelmed with all the new people. Enter babywearing! When baby is safely tucked inside a carrier, other adults are far less likely to touch and take her from you. Your child can also have a safe, comfortable place to nap if you’re away from home and will be comforted by having you close when in a new situation.

The holiday season is often very busy. With school, work and social functions, as well as all the shopping and preparing for the events it can be very challenging to keep baby on a schedule. Especially if he has older siblings, he doesn’t always get the luxury of being home every day for nap time. Being able to wear baby for naps and keep them content while we’re running around town is a complete lifesaver.

This is also a big time of year for travel. Keeping baby content on an airplane is rarely easy, and although you are not permitted to wear baby during take off and landing you can wear during the flight. This often makes breastfeeding discreetly easier as well. In an airport it’s much easier to get around without having to manage a stroller and you’ll only need to pop baby out of the carrier to walk through the scanners.



Even simpler situations such as baking with the kids is so much easier with baby safely tucked in a carrier. Once you have learned back carries you can keep your little one safe and out of the way, but they can still interact and see what is going on. Stirring batter, taking things in and out of the oven, and decorating treats with older children or other family members is all possible while baby looks on from their safe vantage point.

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