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Heat Wave Madness!

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So I had planned to get together with some friends and get some photo tutorials for emergency babywearing ready for you guys this week but we, here in California, were hit with an insane heatwave all last week and not many mamas were up for the park! Which brought up a new topic. What do we do when it’s so hot outside we don’t want to be touched? Can we still keep our babies close and wear them or will we all sweat to death?

I for one spent all last week laying under my window AC unit and avoiding the triple digit temperatures outside, but I have that luxury! My youngest is 2 and a half and doesn’t need to be worn all the time. I have, however, had four summer babies, you’d think I’d know to plan better! So I had small newborns that needed to be held constantly in very high temperatures. There are absolutely ways to do it cooler!

As far as wraps go, thin cotton or gauze is wonderful for hot summers. You can dress yourself and baby minimally and use a thin, breathable carrier. You can purchase wraps made of gauze or make your own from 5 yards of crinkle cotton that is available at any fabric store, often in pretty colors! Gauze also has the benefit of being very washable and recovers well from pool and beach trips.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.55.25 AM

Ellevill Jade shown with the outer passes pulled to the side so baby has only one layer on! 100% cotton

Mei Tais and ring slings are also very good options for sweaty days. They are both single layers of fabric with plenty of air flow. Ring slings designed for the pool or shower such as solarveil or sports mesh slings are also fantastic out of the water on hot days. Linen is another wonderful and breathable fabric for a summer ring sling that is also very supportive for longer carries out of the water. You can cover your little one’s head with the tail of the sling for extra protection from the sun. Always remember to keep baby’s face exposed so they can get plenty of fresh air!


Sports Mesh Ring Sling

Many brands make buckle carriers with a panel in the body made of a sports mesh or breathable material. This gives you the benefit of the support of a structured carrier but more airflow for baby! If you live in an area that gets pretty warm, you might consider investing in one of those!

Additional tips: Place a cool, wet cloth between you and baby to reduce the amount of body heat transferred and keep you both cooler! There are a couple products out there for this as well! Air conditioning and water are your friends! If you find yourself getting touched out and too hot, take a cool bath or shower with your baby, head out to the mall and go for a stroll in the air conditioning or head to the pool, beach, lake or whatever is nearby. And of course, if it’s really just too much don’t feel guilty for busting out the stroller and getting a break!

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