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Insight to Girasol

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Insight to Girasol Wraps

If you are like me, I love to find out how things are made. These beautiful fabrics that are hand woven on old looms just fascinate me. To think that this practice of weaving that existed so many years ago still exist and were passed down from generation after generation. I have found some interesting facts while doing my research. Please embrace this wonderful skill called hand weaving.

In the Hylands of the Guatamala live the Mayan Indians. They still master in the knowledge and mastery of old weaving methods. While the men usually work on the wooden loom, most women use the pre-colonial backstrap looms, weaving textiles and old motifs.

The select weavers are masters of a difficult ancient skill called diagonal weaving.

This high quality wrap produced by this method will always adapt elastically and never stretch out of shape.

However, because of the hand weaving technique the wraps can contain small knots, short pieces of yarn and small yarn pulls and loops. Some Girasol wraps can even contain a broken thread or two. The weaving density of some Girasols can be somewhat uneven. This phenomenon stands out mostly with such designs that have an intensive weft color for example Earthy Rainbow (red weft). On the other hand the very same intense color makes the colors of these wraps so unique.

These wraps are 100% cotton and no chemical pretreatment is used. There are also “doublings” of the hems to prevent the wearer any discomfort.

These wraps may be washed in 60 degrees Celsius and dried. They may shrink a bit after the first wash. Please note that washing the wrap in hot water and tumble-drying can make it shrink more.

There are so many colors, shapes and motifs to choose from. Please take a look at these wonderful Girasol wraps.

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