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Is it Fall Yet? Can We Talk Wool?

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I don’t know what it’s like where you are, dear reader, but here it feels like the summer will never end. I’m looking forward to pumpkin everything, hot coffee, and sweaters! Most of all I’m looking forward to cooler weather for warm, snuggly carriers!

Now I know all summer I’ve been all about linen, but come fall and my love affair with wool starts right back up again! I have had many wool wraps come and stay with us over the years and I have to say it is one of my favorite fabrics for carrying. It is snuggly soft, with a nice bounce on the shoulders that feels almost elastic and takes the pressure points off of my shoulders. I personally find stiff wraps diggy, although many love that firm, rock solid feeling.

So let’s talk wool! Wool is amazing because of it’s give and softness. It has a nice stretch to it but when blended with cotton still gives incredible support for a heavier baby. I used my 20% cashmere blend from birth to four years with my daughter Fiona. We loved it. Not many wraps lasted that long in my house! I’m a bit picky ;).

Wool will add that extra layer of warmth while still being breathable so you don’t have to worry about baby getting too hot. I generally recommend that you dress baby in one less layer than normal when wearing to account for body heat. You of course know best and it will depend on what the weather is like where you live. Wool is awesome for our temperate San Diego winters and will help you bundle up your little one if you live somewhere with real weather lol.

Cashmere, merino, or just plain wool. These wraps are beautiful and comfortable. Wool blends are also absolutely amazing for ring slings! They have enough support to keep mama comfortable with only one layer of support and a soft cushiness on the shoulder that make a one shoulder carry more comfortable for longer! will be offering a special promo code on wool slings starting Monday! Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you get it!

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