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Mom shamed for “wearing” her Five year-old daughter

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Babywearing is an age-old parenting trend. Many families “wear” their child and who is to tell, or shame someone to stop? At what age do you stop?

A manager of a Jewelry Shop Icing store has criticized a mother in Florida. After she spotted this mother carrying her 5 year old, this manager snapped a picture of them both. This mother had no idea what would come next.
The manager posted a picture with a degrading post to her personal Facebook page. This went viral and had many people talking.
The mother stated, “It’s just completely unacceptable for someone to take what I did by shopping with my kids and turn it into something to cause hurt and pain”

The mother also says her child wasn’t feeling well so she put her in her Tula to shop real fast to get some bracelets for her daughter.

Though, this mother has received a lot of support from parents around the world, and so she should! This is still a story that has many people talking.

The company has since apologized for the manger’s actions, but is this enough?

What do you think about this?
At what age do you stop wearing your child?
Was this defamation of character?

Love to hear your comments!!

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