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Organization Spotlight: 3.21 Carry

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Drea and Josh already had a passion for babywearing. When they discovered that their second child, a son they called Copley, had Down Syndrome they realized it was indispensable. Children with special needs need special care and babywearing has allowed them to support his needs. Drea explains how amazing this has been for them:

One night we were out to dinner, when Copley, whose physical disability would not allow him to sit in a highchair, refused to sit in his carseat.  I wrapped him up and we enjoyed a peaceful dinner and started talking about all the ways babywearing made our lives easier, especially as Cop’s physical disability outpaced his physical development.  Thank to babywearing, we have the tools to help Cop keep up with us, and help us keep up with his big brother. Copley’s development be a little delayed, but he’ll never be left behind. By wearing him he is constantly hearing us talk, seeing what we see, working on strengthening his neck and core muscles, and when he needs to rest he can sleep close to mommy or daddy. 


Children with Down Syndrome and other special needs often have low muscle tone and develop at a slower rate than typical children. They often need to be carried for longer and may become upset when in new situations. Having a parent close by can help these children explore their world while being safe with a caregiver. It’s a tremendous gift to any child, but especially those that have to fight a bit harder to find their place.

Drea and Josh came to realize that this was a skill that many families with special needs children needed to have access to! So 3.21 Carry was born.

Our purpose is to serve both parents who need special carriers to meet special needs, and parents of older children with special needs who need carriers for younger typical children.

3.21 Carry helps get carriers to families with special needs children, at no cost to the families. Whether they need to carry a typical child to have their hands free to help an older child, or need to carry a special needs child that needs extra help! We just love their passion and commitment to helping other families and are very excited to support them.

If you are a family that could benefit or know someone who is you can apply for a carrier through their website You can also make monetary donations there to help them purchase carriers for these families. They also accept carrier donations, Woven Wraps will be donating a carrier and we hope you can as well!

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  • My son is 58 pounds and is unable to walk so I carry him a lot I have been looking for a front pouch Carrier that sustain his weight. Do you have any suggestions?

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