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Spotlight on Moby

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Often babywearing parents have more than one carrier, different styles for different ages and activities. Use this as a guide to discover what babywearing tools each carrier offers for successful and happy babywearing.

For infants, baby carriers make the transition from the womb to the outside world easier, close contact keeps baby near mom’s beating heart and keeps the constant motion they experienced in the womb. Our top recommendation for an infant carrier is the MOBY Wrap.

Start by wrapping yourself. There is a rumor that it can take a few tries to learn to wrap, but you will soon get to know your Moby Wrap and become familiar with how tight you will wrap yourself and as baby grows you will naturally adjust for your growing baby, wrapping for the perfect fit every time.
For newborns an inside pocket is created where the fabric comes from your shoulder and crosses your body. This pocket will hug your little one, allowing them to stay in an upright fetal position that is so important in this stage of development.
For older babies, baby comes in and sits on the X created by the crisscrossed fabric at your chest. This X cradles baby in a deep seated position that supports the natural curve of baby’s spine and while allowing you to spread the fabric wide to reach from knee to knee.

Toddlers thrive on touch with the love and reassurance it provides. Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) offer babywearing closeness with more seated mobility for an older child.

The GO was designed as a step two in our babywearing family. As MOBY founder Gillian welcomed the arrival of her third LO she again looked for a carrier that would give her the same long wear-time that she had with the Wrap, but for larger babies. With a wide cross-shoulder design, MOBY® parents will recognize the Moby coziness. Not only is GO the second type of baby carrier MOBY® introduced, it is the easy second step from the MOBY® Wrap.
Yes, you can back carry with the MOBY® GO. Once your baby is sitting on their own you can move little one to your back and head out for an adventure.



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  • hello. lovely lovely lovely site. a friend sent me a link: i am a doula in training and we are all looking for rebozos. she sent me a link for the tying of the wraps. I have it and made note of it, but when i come to the site, i can’t find it. i wondered if there could be a tab specifically for how to wrap. ?id like to use your site as a resource..

    gloria on

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