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TAHOE! :: The first Exclusive Girasol by ::

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Exclusive Girasols are wraps specially woven for a particular store. What’s a Girasol you ask?? Pronounced “Geer-a-sol”, this is a weaver who allows special order weaves. The company is based in Germany but the wraps are woven in South America. This means that *usually* you can’t find it anywhere else other than in the store that created the wrap. They are limited edition woven wraps that will only be around for a limited time. For the most part, when they are gone, they are gone. This makes a few of the most sought after wraps much more valuable than retail. These woven wraps are soft, flannel smooth, supportive, and great for newborns all the way to toddlers.

I am so super excited, proud, overjoyed, to present to you’s very first (of many;) Exclusive Girasol.  It is called Tahoe and it is so appropriate for many reasons. Lake Tahoe is a place that is very special to us as a family. It’s where Ben took his first steps. It’s where I finally learned to snowboard “for reals”;) And it’s where the idea of; and the commitment to; began and developed. On drives to the mountain every morning my husband and I conceptualized and dreamed. On the lifts we imagined the possibilities. On hikes, with Benji safely snuggled in a wrap on my back, we were thankful for the way babywearing made our lives easier and better. Does this sound dramatic? Maybe…. but it really does touch a special place in my heart to think about the beginning of this store and the about the wrap that I promised I would make a reality, woven and named after the beautiful colors of the mountain lake town.

So without further ado….TAHOE!

Exclusive Girasol Tahoe



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