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Tandem Babywearing

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My first 2 kids were 21 months apart. I’ll tell you, getting an easily distracted, and often non-cooperative, toddler to the car while carrying a newborn, diaper bag, snack bag and park blanket is an ordeal! These were the moments I first really started wondering how moms do it without babywearing! I also trade babysitting hours with friends sometimes and would often care for 2 one-year-olds. My baby would want to nurse constantly when there were other kids over and my friend’s baby would be missing his mama and need to be held constantly or worn down for their nap. Hello tandem babywearing!


Wearing two at a time is a bit of an advanced skill, and you do need to already be comfortable with back carrying of course. That said, it’s totally worth learning. I know I’m not the only parent to be in these situations!

The trick is to put the baby going on your front on first. Any carrier will do. Once that baby is secured and has their head well supported you can put the other baby or toddler on your back. I recommend a mei tai or soft structured carrier for the back, for the easiest method, but you can use a wrap if you want!

You’ll want to bend over flat like a table, again making sure baby up front has their head and neck supported as you do so and put the other child on your back as normal. Then you’re all good to go!


I don’t recommend this for long hauls as it is a lot of weight, but it is amazingly useful for those times you just really need to contain 2 kids. I found my personal max was 50 pounds before it just got to be too much weight, but you’ll figure out what that is for you.


I did wear three once, mostly to see if I could by using a ring sling on the hip. I thought about doing four, just for a picture, but never got around to it.


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