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Wrap Spotlight :: Girasol

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One of my very favorite brands of woven wraps, Girasol. When I first discovered baby wearing, I swore that I would never like another brand as much as them. The color ways are amazing. Girasol allows each shop to design and have their favorite color combinations woven into exclusive designs that are only carried in that particular store. Our exclusive is the Tahoe and we have a few more in the works… I love the freedom and creativity it offers.

There are hundreds of different gorgeous exclusives out there, but today I want to write a little about the designs that Girasol does, in particular, the Ikat pattern wraps. These Ikat wraps are amazing and I am so surprised that with the current popularity of this design in fashion, I haven’t seen more around. I can only conclude that people just haven’t seen them and don’t know how awesome they are?? The tribal print trend is so cute and chic, something about the ikat print makes it perfect for accessories…. what better way to make a baby carrier stylish? It’s been on a few runways recently, including as Dries Van Noten, Gucci, Marc, Balenciaga, Cynthia Vincent’s accessories collection, as well as more down to earth brands like Gap’s Summer 2012 line. So if you are like me and used to love purses as much as you love baby carriers now…. check out the ikat designs we have in the shop!

Here’s Mayan Solara

Mayan Blue Ikat….I think my favorite:)

And Mayan Red Ikat

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