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Brands We Carry: Girasol

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The often mispronounced Girasol (xi.ɾaˈsol meaning sunflower) has been producing beautiful baby wraps and ring slings for more than 30 years. Their colorways are inspired by the local pallete in Guatemala, where they began.

From traditional patterns to more modern influence Girasol offers colorways to appeal to everyone.

Girasol wraps come in 2 weaves, a standard twill and a diamond weave. The standard is more densely woven and is a big more supportive. The diamond weave is more loosely woven to make it more breathable although it does sacrifice some support. They both will be wonderful choices from infant to toddler, but the standard may be a better choice for an older, heavier child.

These wraps are handwoven and will often have little nubs in the weaving. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your carrier, it is just the personality of a hand-crafted item. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, Girasols are very easy to break in and become buttery soft after only a few washes and wears.

This Earthy Rainbow Diamond Weave is always a favorite.

One of the wonderful things this company does is allow small businesses to create custom designs. Woven Wraps has the beautiful Tahoe with it’s colors inspired by the beautiful trees and waters in the Lake Tahoe region. And now we are so excited to be able to add Windansea to our family of exclusive wraps!

Woven Wraps Exclusive Girasol wraps: Tahoe on the left and Windansea on the right.

No matter what you choose, we just know that you and your baby will love snuggling up in one of these lovely and cuddly wraps!

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