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Common Mistakes in Baby-Wearing

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Common Mistakes of Baby – Wearing

Buying the wrong size-
Most common reason parents give up on baby wearing is that they buy a wrap, sling or carrier that is too big or too tight. The best way to make sure of a size is to try it on if you can, even better with baby ideally. If this is not possible or if you are buying online, send them an email and ask them for help in sizing. Usually they will ask how tall you are and your size. Let them know if Dad will be using the wrap as well.

Not knowing how to use the product-
Many wraps, slings and carriers do come with a DVD or instructions, and some do not. There are many You Tube video instruction on how to tie wraps as well as baby wearing support groups. Please take the time to learn and get involved with a baby-wearing group in your community.

Wearing Baby too low-
Your baby’s head should be on your chest and close enough for you to kiss. Carrying your baby too low is not good for your baby and may become painful for you to wear. Remember head on chest close enough for you to kiss your baby is good and high.

Are you really hands free??
Yes you are freer than if you were holding your baby in your arms, but you have to have common sense. Babies move, ties can become untied. Babies can be clever. You still need to be on guard especially while over a hot stove, hiking. Or climbing stairs. Be responsible.

Never cover baby’s face-
You should always be able to see baby’s face at a glance. You never want to put baby at risk for suffocation. Anything that covers baby’s face you put at risk. Show that pretty or handsome face!

No Neck support-
Make sure in the early months to protect baby’s neck. They do not have the muscles in the neck to support their head just yet. Make sure it is held snuggly in place on your chest close enough to kiss.

Restricting Baby’s Airways-
Make sure baby’s chin is not tucked in toward their chest. Re adjust them if you see this so that their airway is open and their oxygen supply is clear. Check position often. Adjust as needed.

Baby’s legs Dangling-
Your baby’s legs should not be dangling. They should be looking like “Frogs legs” in a carrier. Dangling them could lead to hip dysplasia. Baby should be in a Frog like stance with knees bent above his butt and if carrier legs at his sides.

Don’t Switch to Front Facing too Early-
Newborns need time to build their neck strength. Also so much to look at may be too over stimulating for a young infant. Most recommendations before turning them face forward is 4+6 months.

Baby overheating-
Especially in winter months putting too many layers on can overheat baby. Remember your baby is close to you and can feel your body heat. Pay close attention to your baby’s heat level.

Not Changing Positions-
You need to change your baby’s position frequently. Try not to put baby in same position every time. Baby needs to have muscles develop muscles balance on each side equally and avoid flat head syndrome.

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