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Short and sweet advice

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Give new moms a break…

Short and Sweet Advice

As a Doula and as someone who has a new baby in the family I hear all the time the advice, sometimes unsolicited I might add that the new mother gets all the time. Sometimes there is the should and the should not’s the finger pointing and the “ my grandmother told me this and that.”

How about we start another way about going about things. What about what the new mother needs. Her perspective. How about we embrace her needs.

Does she need?
A nap
A shower
A break
Some sunshine alone
A hug

We always want to help but do we really listen?

So if you have a new mother in you life maybe trying this approach this may be more helpful to the family than advice.
Try it. It just might set you apart from the rest and be a special blessing to her!

Nancee Kerr
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