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Inspirations for mom

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Inspiration for Mom


Parenting can be daunting sometimes. It can be frustrating and exhausting.

However remember it is a privilege and an opportunity to be a mom.

A journey if you will…

The Journey into motherhood can be seen as a self discovery, to be pushed to your limits, thinking you cant do it one more day and those days where you just want to get in your car and drive somewhere and not come back.

However you find what you are made of..

You can see your full potential and to see the magnificent bird or butterfly that you are.

Find the joy, find the peace and the struggle becomes the privilege.

The opportunity to pass on your strengths to your little one and know that really you have passed on a pearl in your child’s life and it will be passed on again and again.

Enjoy the moments of being a mom; the days go fast and in a blink of an eye they are grown and moving on with their own lives.

Stay connected and most importantly…. Love always


By Nancee Kerr


The author is the Office Manger at Woven Wraps. She is a mother of four grown children. She has been a Midwife Assistant and Doula for over 25 years.


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