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New in our line-up…. Rockin’ Baby Slings!

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We are very excited to announce that we are now carrying Rockin’ Baby Slings! These ring slings and pouches are so cute and stylish, they are likely to be the cutest thing you and your baby are wearing! I love the thick, high quality fabrics and the patterns are modern and beautiful. The slings and pouches consist of 6 yards of unique, modern textiles to make a mother feel beautiful and more like herself.

All the products are made in Richmond, Virginia, not abroad.  As well as having all of the sewing done by hard-working and well-paid moms and dads, Rockin Baby Slings are closely involved in the manufacturing of the product. Because of this they can be sure of the quality; actually seeing and touching our product, before it is shipped.

Rockin Baby Slings makes sure that all of the fabrics are made of natural fibers, breathable and of high-quality. They are all pre-washed in natural salt water to set the colors, prevent shrinkage, and soften the fabric.

All edges on the slings and pouches are overlocked then seamed twice to ensure no tearing or fraying at the edges.  They also use 40 lb weight thread as it increases the strength of the Rockin Baby Sling and Pouch. That means they are really strong.

The Rockin’ Baby Sling and Pouch have also been independently strength tested. The sling has been pull tested up to weights of 1100 pounds before the seams gave way, and the pouch to 460 pounds before the zippers began opening. The rings used for the Rockin’ Baby Slings are also tested by the manufacturer.

The reversible slings are made with 5 yards of fabric. The pouches are fully adjustable via zippers, reversible and made with 3 yards of fabric.

The majority of the slings and pouches are made of 100% cotton sateen or cotton poplin, or of a cotton/ linen blend. Here are these beautiful Slings in our store!

Ok, as if these are not gorgeous enough, there is another hugely compelling reason to buy one of these ring slings and that is my favorite part about this stylish company. It’s the Mother to Mother program and it really is an amazingly generous program! Here is the lowdown.

With every sling/pouch you purchase, Rockin’ Baby will give a sling to a Mother in Haiti. As a Mother purchases a sling or a pouch for herself, she will be directly affecting the life of another Mother.  The women who will be receiving the donated slings will be fulfilled in so many ways.  By beginning this effort in Haiti, the women will be able to carry their babies to gather fresh water and food, while paying attention to their babies and breastfeeding them on demand.  Their attachment could be the difference between life and death.

How it impacts Mothers…

The short-term impacts on Haiti are that the women will be taught how to nurture, love, and breastfeed their babies.  They will understand that slings can be a part of your life, no matter how much they struggle with basic needs.  These babies and toddlers will immediately be calmer, more attached, and healthier, while the mothers will feel confident that their babies are the healthiest and happiest they can be.

The long-term impacts will be when enough women are using slings to carry their babies that it becomes part of their culture. Rockin’ Baby is motivated to help the women and babies of Haiti, and then to find another country that could use the same assistance with contributing to the attachment of mothers to their babies.  Of course, to see the infant mortality rate reduced would be the ultimate impact Rockin’ Baby could dream.

giving slings to mothers in Haiti

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