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Wrap Spotlight :: Storchenwiege Leos

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When I first decided to buy a woven wrap I scoured every website and vendor I could for information. I did see the Storchenwiege Leos, but I think I overlooked them because the product photography didn’t accurately reflect how beautiful they are in real life! When I recieved my Leo’s for stocking at Woven Wraps and began to photograph them for the site, I was really amazed by their beauty! The colors are rich and vibrant, the fabric is soft yet strong, and there is just a silky and rich quality to them that I loved. I also love the contrasting rails. This is a somewhat underrated wrap from what I have seen so if you are Storch-curious, you should definitely give a Leo a try! Here is our selection at!   

These wraps are: Leo Cafe, Leo Turkis, Leo Bordeaux, and Leo Marine. We also have Leo Black and White on the way to the shop!






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