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Tying Methods for Woven Wraps

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Tying Methods for Woven Wraps 

These photos demonstrate a few ways that you can tie a woven wrap. The tying methods shown below will become second nature in no time with a bit of training.  

Practice makes perfect.  Good luck & happy babywearing!

**Please note: always tie a double knot to secure your baby!**


The carry above is a Simple Front Carry.  There are a few different ways to wrap which get the same end results as shown.

See also Front-Wrap-Cross Carry on or  🙂

(wrap shown: Ellevill Zara Curry)



(wrap show: Ellevill Zara Curry)



**Practice putting your baby on your back the first few times while on a bed or with support until you are comfortable with this maneuver.**

The carry above is called Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC).  You can use many different varieties of tying off the tails.  Shown above is an at-the-shoulder tie, also called TAS (tie-at-shoulder).

Some other favorite back carries are Back-Wrap-Cross-Carry (BWCC), the Double-Hammock (DH), and the Rucksack-Carry (RUCK, also shown below).  Please see or for more information and additional tutorials.

(wrap shown: Ellevill Zara Blue)



(wrap shown: Ellevill Zara Curry)



**Practice putting your baby on your back the first few times while on a bed or with support until you are comfortable with this maneuver.**

 (wrap shown: Ellevill Zara Curry)


Please carry safely!

  • Your baby is your responsibilty – babywearing can be very safe as long as you use common sense and follow some guidelines.
  • Before you put the sling on, check all stitching for signs of weakness. If any faults are apparent, don’t use the carrier.
  • Before you try your sling with a real baby, it’s a good idea to practice on a doll or teddy. When you do use your sling with your baby, and as you are learning to use it, it’s a good idea to get another adult to help you, by supporting your baby as you tie the straps. When you progress to doing this yourself, put your baby in over a sofa or bed.
  • Be aware of your baby’s position in the sling – check he has a good air supply, if he is asleep that his head is supported, and that he looks comfortable – a mirror is a great way to check bits you can’t see.  Remember: keep your baby viewable and kissable.
  • Make sure he isn’t too hot – your body heat will give him warmth too, so you will not need to put as many layers on him as you would do in a stroller. It’s much easier and cosier to put one coat over both of you than try to get a sling on over your coat. In winter, watch out for extremities like the legs getting cold.
  • Always tie using a double knot.
  • Don’t perform dangerous / energetic tasks with your baby in a sling
  • Be aware of things your baby can reach – particularly in the kitchen, things such as knives and anything hot.
  • Look after your back – Bend at the knees, Dont’ bend over at the waist. Also change positions if you wear your baby for long periods, change shoulders or try a different carry with your wrap.

**Woven Wraps does not claim any responsibility from injury due to babywearing.  Please be cautious when learning these carries and keep your baby safe!**

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