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Why Babywear?

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With so many different carriers on the market these days, how can anyone choose?  Ideally, we are all looking for the perfect carrier that is:
A. Easy to use
B. Comfortable for mom/dad/caregiver and baby
C. Matches what we wear!

Although many people shy away from Woven Wraps and Mei Tais as being too hard to use, this is actually a misconception. The basic carries with both of these cute and functional carriers are about as easy to learn and do on a daily basis as tying your shoe. A Woven Wrap is similar to a stretchy wrap like a Moby or Sleepy Wrap or K’tan except it is woven on a loom instead of being a jersey t-shirt stretchy fabric.

Why does that make it different you ask? Here are the main points:
A. Breathable fabric for a less sweaty mom and baby
B. Stays where you wrap it so you don’t have to re-tie it after a while because of stretching out
C. Comfortable and supportive to use until 2-3 years (and in some cases beyond!) rather than just 4-6 months

For the most simple and easy way to wear your baby on front every day, I recommend the FWCC: Front Wrap Cross Carry. This can be done from day 1 with a newborn’s legs tucked in, and then you can let them have their legs out when they seem like they are ready for it.  Below is a video tutorial. Try it a few times and you’ll have it down!

Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)

A Mei Tai is an Asian style baby carrier that is also very easy to use on the front or back. Because of it’s similarity to a backpack carrier, some moms might want to start here because they can “understand” it just by looking at it. Here is a quick tutorial for the front:

Mei Tai on Front

and also a Mei Tai on Back

A few quick tips…
Just like any grown up, babies might have a day when they don’t feel like being in a carrier…just like they might have a day when they don’t want to be in the carseat or stroller. It doesn’t mean they hate it! Give it a shot another time rather than forcing it or giving up. They also might sense your mood of uncertainty in not knowing how to put it on right. This is why practice is key!  Try out a new carry and see what works for you.  The more confidant you are, the happier they will be…and this will make everyone happy because now you’ll have your hands free!

Happy Babywearing!

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