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Wrap Swings, Hammocks and More

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We all know that wraparound slings are a wonderful and versatile way to carry your baby. But did you know that there are many other fun, creative ways that people have used wraps?

First up the wrap swing! This is a fun and easy way to make an indoor swing for your little ones. I did one of these in my home and my kids loved it! I went to a hardware store and purchased a pair of porch swing screws that were rated to something like 500 pounds and a pair of caribiner clips that were rated over 300 pounds. We screwed the screws into a support beam in our ceiling (pretty important step there) and the attached the caribiner clips. Next just knot your wrap through the caribiner and you have a swing!

Left: Wrap tied to clip. Middle: My own sweet baby Reilly having his very first nap in his wrap swing turned hammock at just a few hours old. Right: Check out some great DIY instructions on Modern Made Mama

A swing style may serve as a hammock for a newborn, but what if your older child wants to get in on the action? Simply tie your wrap lengthwise on your dining table and ta-da! you have a hammock for a big kid!

Ring slings and wraps can be used as baby leashes, and to secure baby to a high chair if they are not quite sitting or the straps on a restaurant high chair are broken. Either tie a slip knot in your wrap or thread your ring sling as you would to wear it. Place baby in the chair and secure the wrap or sling around both baby and the chair and tighten. You can have a wide spread of fabric holding baby up and attached to the chair. The same concept can be used to fashion a leash in a pinch if you are concerned about a toddler running away in a busy place! Tie a slip knot or thread your ring sling and put the fabric around baby’s torso and snug it down securely.

This mama even has a video on how to use a woven wrap as a high chair on a regular kitchen chair! Wraps and ring slings are so very versatile! Do you have any fun or unusual ways you use yours? Comment here or on our Facebook Page and let us know!

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